Katie’s Story

Why step out of retirement to confront the colossal medical industry? For me, the answer is simple and profoundly personal: Katie, my wife of four decades. Our journey from envisioning a life growing old together through facing the reality of her severe, undiagnosed illness has been a testament to our bond. Despite numerous consultations with specialists, the medical consensus offered no cure, merely palliative care, framing a future we refused to accept. This unacceptable prognosis, treating symptoms while ignoring underlying causes, propelled us into seeking alternative wellness paths.

Our turning point came with Dr. C.R. Houck, whose holistic approach and bespoke formula challenged conventional medical paradigms by addressing the root causes of illness—environmental toxins, parasites, and more. Within weeks of starting this treatment, Katie's miraculous recovery began; from bedridden to a return to normalcy, her transformation was nothing short of remarkable. Witnessing her resurgence solidified my mission: to share this breakthrough with as many as possible.

The ethos behind Sanus1, born from Katie's recovery, is centered on empowering the body to heal itself by eliminating the plethora of health threats we face daily, fundamentally altering our approach to wellness. Our products, formulated away from the influences of Big Pharma, are designed to cleanse the body of the myriad diseases, toxins, and pathogens that undermine our health. This initiative isn't just a
business; it's a crusade against a healthcare paradigm that often fails those it intends to serve.

Answering why I came out of retirement, it's clear: to offer a lifeline to those like Katie, who find
themselves in dire health crises, and equally, to those seeking to preemptively safeguard their wellness. Sanus1's mission is universal, providing a wellness solution for everyone, whether in emergency health situations or simply navigating the challenges of modern living that stealthily compromise our well-being.

Thus, Sanus1 is not merely a product but a beacon of hope for healthier futures, free from the clutches of preventable diseases. It's a call to action for proactive wellness, inspired by Katie's journey from the brink of despair to vibrant health, underscoring the potential within us all to achieve true health and wellness.


Sanus1 represents a transformative force in the quest for health, drawing its name from the Latin word for 'wholeness'—a concept now more relevant than ever in an age where health is incessantly undermined by environmental toxins, diseases, and the pervasive decline of wellness. As we navigate through a world where our immune defenses are constantly under siege from a plethora of harmful agents, Sanus1 introduces groundbreaking Wellness and BioCleanse formulas, offering a beacon of hope and a definitive path towards health recovery. These unmatched Nano-Infused™ formulations, meticulously developed through an advanced process of bio-sizing and nano-sizing, significantly boost the absorption rates of vital nutrients, empowering them to effectively counter diseases, toxins, and heavy metals. Committed to unadulterated purity and strength, and steering clear of conventional pharmaceuticals, Sanus1's innovative solutions chart a course from degenerative health towards a regenerative well-being. Sanus1 is more than an alternative; it embodies a fierce commitment to combating the adversities that hinder our health, pledging to restore the essence of "Sanus"—a state of complete and holistic wellness.

Letter from Jake

In our quest for health and wellness, a concerning echo from individuals across ages strikes a chord – the
feeling of not being sick, yet far from feeling truly well, attributed to an onslaught of chemicals, parasites, and preservatives in our environment. At Sanus1, we confront this challenge head-on with our groundbreaking Nano-Infused™ BioSized formulas. These innovations are specifically designed to battle diseases, purge toxins and heavy metals, and annihilate parasites that jeopardize our vital organs and overall well-being.

The alarming prevalence of parasites in individuals, as revealed by pathologist Dr. Daniel Taylor,
underscores an often-ignored crisis impacting health. Furthermore, the emerging concerns surrounding mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, as detailed by Surgeon General of Florida, Dr. Joseph Ladapo, raise critical questions about their safety and long-term implications on human health. Amidst these revelations, Sanus1 stands as a beacon of hope, offering our unique Mega Oxidizer and Mega PAX formulations to address these pressing health issues, drawing from a personal victory – the profound recovery of my wife, Katie, whose life was transformed by our formulations.

Our mission at Sanus1 transcends profit, driven by a genuine desire to facilitate a journey back to true health and wellness for millions worldwide. As we navigate the complexities of modern health challenges, our commitment is unwavering – to deliver solutions that not only combat these ailments but also restore vitality and well-being. With Sanus1, we invite you to join us on this vital journey, as we continue to receive testimonies of health restored and lives rejuvenated, underscoring the effectiveness of our
approach in achieving true health and wellness.

Warm regards,

Dr. Jake Baker

Introducing Nano-Blast Technology™

The power of our proprietary formula and process, greatly improves bio-availability to the 90%
Percentile over standard supplements which often have bio-availability of less than 5%; our mineral chelation and blend of quality natural ingredients, together make natural restorative balance, a powerful supplement that can help with overall feeling of increased health and well-being.

Our Sanus1 all-natural Cleanse/Detox multi-step proprietary protocol works to combat bacteria, diseases, parasites, pesticides, toxins, and heavy metals while enhancing nutrient absorption. Bottles 1&2 attack and kill, while Bottles 3, 4, & 5 clears, cleanse, and eliminate these from the body. Start your journey back to True Health, and Wellness - Today!