Our Cleanse/Detox is Protocol Not a Cure-All or Panacea

Please understand, that No medicine actually heals you. Our detox protocol attacks the bad stuff that’s plaguing you, so that your body’s immune system may begin healing you over the next few months or even a year… 

We (Sanus1.com) have taken a ten day intensive cleanse/detox (where one is typically tied to the toilet) and may it mild/safe enough to obtain the same objectives over 30-days. We have the only proprietary formula specially formulated in a powdered form for effective and safe human consumption, duly absorbed via our micronization (bio-availability) process for optimized health. 

Everyone’s bodies react differently, but you can cleanse/detox from the air we breathe, food and water we ingest, and you may repeat this protocol every 90 days… Everything out in the world unfortunately works against our systems (attack bad stuff, remove it from our system, add-in vitamins & minerals, getting a good gut via microbial water, organic nutrition) to assist in aiding our overall system.

Some of our clients/customers have shared with us that they have more clarity, energy, feel better and lighter, and have an overall sense of an elevation of their well-being.

Please remember, like everything else, your immune system didn’t get clogged-up overnight, and you may not recognize immediate results. "You don’t go to bed Barney Fife and wake-up Arnold Schwarzenegger”

  • “Thank you so much for the chat, Katie! You probably understand my reticence to try something new as over the past several decades I have literally spent thousands of dollars chasing my health tail--seeing various practitioners, purchasing medical devices, taking multitudes of supplements--it's exhausting, and financially depleting. It's not only frustrating for me, it's also frustrating my naturally skeptical husband who wants to see me vibrant, but who watches me try the next "snake oil" with serious doubt and a jaundiced eye. He would LOVE to retire, but part of the reason he can't is because of my expensive health needs. Not to say I haven't seen definite improvements over
    the years! I'm currently using a your Sanus1 product that is helping to remove both heavy metals and toxins, but it sounds like yours being “micronized” is likely far superior to anything I have used ever before... Thank You and may the Lord continue to bless you richly! " 

    -Bobbi B.

  • “Hello Katie, Thank you so much for personally packaging our order and we are excited about starting them, but wanted to do the process together.  We are nearing retirement, this will be my husband’s second retirement, first being active-duty Army for 20
    years.  Being shot with the experimental drug was never an option for us and God saw us through.  Having that said, we are amongst a lot of double, triple and quadruple vaxed colleagues.  We both might have had the bug, twice, never tested.  Long story short, I had a lingering cough and our stamina was a lot less than it used to be.  My husband was not so much affected it appears, but we have both greatly benefitted from your health and wellness supplements. Thank You for both your and your husband’s wiliness to help others. Blessings!"

    -Diane T. | International Client

  • “Hi Katie, this is Carol O. Al has finished his cleanse, and I am back on mine. I was the one who got the bug and my asthma escalated and between Dr visits and medication changes and timing of doses, I stopped for a few days and have picked it back up and will be done soon. Al did fine on his cleanse. He is bustling about and has been on spring break from his teaching job at Christian school here. A couple of upset stomachs and some fatigue is about the only things we have both dealt with. And it could have been caused by a number of other things even outside of Sanus. Thanks for responding. "
    -Carol O. | Ronan, MT

  • “Katie: Thank you so much for calling me. It made a world of difference hearing your story from sickness to wellness and being able to connect with a REAL human.” Thank You!

  • “Hi, Katie - Gretchen has started the protocol and is already feeling improvement. Thanks so much!"
    -Jack H. | Bloomfield Hills, MI

  • “Hi Jake and Katie. I started the regimen last week, it's working well and I feel great. But it's a little hard to do when I have such a busy schedule.” Thanks,
    -Susan D. | Hickory, PA

  • “Sanus1 – Thank You for the creation, development, and marketing of such a wonderful cleanse/detox product and protocol. We can clearly see that your holistic naturopathic practitioners are not part of this problem, but are the exact opposite - they ARE the solution. We have been around a long time, and we know that NO medicine provides healing, it only aids in allowing your body to function better, and thus allowing it to repair itself. Thank You!"

  • “Dear Katie, Thank you so much. We were so excited to receive our package. My husband and I started your revised protocol yesterday and it’s already making progress. I really appreciate your help. Blessings!"

    -Soyoung L. | Russellville, AR

  • “Dr. Baker: So happy and glad to find your email! Our strength has made a good comeback in the last two weeks. My ankle swelling is mostly gone and I can wear my garden boots again. The ulcers are smaller and the skin around them is flaking and oozing much less. The inflammation affected my arches and make me kind of flat footed, but I can wear a comfortable pair that has arch support. No more pain and fire. Thanks to you guys for giving us our lives back!"

    -Adriana D. | Washington, NC

  • “Dear Katie, God is using you and your husbands company in a mighty way right now - to answer the cries for help, to give encouragement, and hope. May He reward you and bless you in countless ways!!!! Wishing you ALL of His Many, Blessings."
    Monnie R. | Boone, NC

  • Dr. Jake - I just finished your parasite cleanse and already feel better! My question is, how often should I be repeating this cleanse so I can ensure my body is cleared of parasites? Thank You."
    Melody G. | Salt Lake City, UT

  • Dr. Baker: “We have all been through a multitude of health Challenges and struggles together, and I believe we have become friends through all of this. We wish you ALL, the Lord's richest blessings and great health! Have a very blessed day."
    -Julie B. | Vallejo, CA

  • “Dr. Jake - The one thing I noticed after beginning this regime was that when I contacted a upper respiratory infection (everyone around me was sick with similar), I was able to sleep when others could not because of congestion and coughing. I also had an elevated temperature when others didn't even after I recovered. I maintained a low-grade temperature that I attribute to the oxidative process going on. Also, I eliminated more frequently per day than normal (3 or 4 instead of once). Thank You"

    -Dianna W. | Brighton, MI

  • “Katie, Thank You so much for your kind response. I really read the 2 letters your team sent me and then realized my general sense of "well-being" has, indeed improved!

    I guess I needed a little review on the products. We both decided to take your product for a good, thorough de-tox. Other programs we had used did give us big detox symptoms, so in reflecting on what you mentioned, your products just did a much better job of a smoother detox. We will definitely use your products again in the future.

    Thank you again for sharing your heartfelt response"

    -Doshia W. | Sarasota, FL

  • “Hello Katie, I have been meaning to email and Thank You for sending our 2nd kit. We received the kit on Friday and started the process on Saturday :) I believe we are already realizing a benefit of additional energy, so am excited to see how we feel as we continue.”

    When your husband was in the interview with LT, he said that once in a while you two will use one of the products in the kit to keep you bodies clear of parasites. Please share with us what next steps we should be taking? Blessings!"

    -Diane T. | International Client

  • Customer: I’m not sure that I feel any different after your Sanus1 cleanse/detox protocol?

    Dear Customer:

    I have read your comments and I have good news for you and this is especially important. But let me start by saying thank you so much for our order of Sanus1 Mega Detox. Congratulations on taking the full course of the Product.

    I can assure you that the product did what it is supposed to do. It assisted your system in the process of removing health-destroying viruses, toxins, fungus, bacteria, heavy metals, and parasites. It is important to remember that it took years to collect all those things that have been deteriorating your health and causing damage to all parts of your body. Fortunately, your immune system is marvelously made to begin fixing those problems that developed over many years of exposure to all those toxins.

    But, it is also important to remember that after years of damage it will take your immune system a little while to begin fixing all those things and repairing your system. So, hang in there and let your immune do what it was designed to do … heal you. As time goes by your body is designed to bring one system after the next back to true health and wellness. Just think how great it will be when all of this starts taking effect.

    Now depending on age, overall health, and the damage done it might take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. And if, after a brief time, you are not seeing steady improvement you may have been suffering from an extra heavy dose of those health-wreckers. It may require another dose of the Sanus1 Detox Formula. One of the important aspects of the Sanus1 Detox Formula is that we make it gentle enough so that almost everyone can take it without harsh side effects. However, in extreme cases sometimes your system needs a little extra help and in those cases another thirty days on the product can make all the difference in the world.

    Please keep us posted on your progress and remember that the changes may not come all at once. Recovering your health is usually a process not an event. Look for small improvements as time progresses. And again, thank you for being a part of our Sanus1 family. Thank You & Best Regards, Dr. Jake Baker