Introducing Nano-Blast Technology™

The power of our proprietary formula and process, greatly improves bio- availability over standard supplements; our mineral chelation and blend of quality natural ingredients, together make natural restorative balance, a powerful supplement that can help with overall feeling of increased health and well-being.

The 5-Part Regimen is designed for use as follows:
First take the Mega Oxidizer and Ascorbic Acid.

Then follow it with the 3-Step Mega Pax.


For attacking various unwanted bacteria,
chemicals, heavy metals, parasites, pesticides, toxins, and viruses directly related to some bio-weapons, and more.

• N-ICDSS-1: Mega Oxidizer
• Ascorbic Acid: Vitamin C
• N-IZL-7: Zeolite
• BN-14: Premium Boron
• N-IAC-21: Activated Charcoal

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Our proprietary Millennial-method“ of Nano-sizing“, binding and infusing our nutrients & nutraceuticals“ creates a new level of natural products, increasing bio-availability more than 5x fold, producing effects rarely seen before in the human body.

Designed especially for topical or oral exposure to bio-chem, actively to counter a bio- weapon whether viral or bacterial, chemical, pesticides, or viruses in nature.

While we believe that these formulas are important for everyone, it is especially important for those currently in a health crisis.

Always read all directions and follow protocols closely, or as directed by a health care professional.



  • N-ICDSS-1: Mega Oxidizer
  • Ascorbic Acid: Vitamin C
  • N-IZL-7: Zeolite
  • BN-14: Premium Boron
  • N-IAC-21: Activated Charcoal

Only $899


All natural anti-inflammatory & anti-viral wellness supplement.

Protect your health naturally with AVS, our all-natural supplement blend designed to reduce inflammation and enhance your immune system's defense against viruses, including COVID-19, Long Covid, Influenza, and the Common Cold.

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  • “Dear Katie, God is using you and your husbands company in a mighty way right now - to answer the cries for help, to give encouragement, and hope. May He reward you and bless you in countless ways!!!! Wishing you ALL of His Many, Blessings."
    Monnie R. | Boone, NC

  • Dr. Jake - I just finished your parasite cleanse and already feel better! My question is, how often should I be repeating this cleanse so I can ensure my body is cleared of parasites? Thank You."
    Melody G. | Salt Lake City, UT

  • Dr. Baker: “We have all been through a multitude of health Challenges and struggles together, and I believe we have become friends through all of this. We wish you ALL, the Lord's richest blessings and great health! Have a very blessed day."
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