Can I buy some of these components on amazon or at the pharmacy?

Yes and no. Some of the products are our proprietary formulas, but all are either selected for quality and “Nano Infused, or Bio-Sized using a very exacting formula. While some of these products are available, and can be purchased in some form, there are some problems with that. First, unless they are Bio-Sized you may lose as much as 95% of the efficacy. Also, if they are not of the same quality and purity you may not get the desired results, and you may even experience problems with impurities.

I think my entire family should take the wellness formulas. I want to know that they are not a store house for disease and toxins – Is safe for the whole family?

Taking care of your family is absolutely important and we applaud your decision. That’s why we created our Family Pack and provided great discounts for the Family - Wellness Pack. We do not recommend these formulas for children under 12. And of course, always read and follow the label instructions and speak to your health care professional when adding supplements to your diet.

Can I buy extra wellness kits for future use, or will they expire?

Excellent question and one that we wish more people would ask. If down the road conditions turn deteriorate as a result of natural disasters, civil unrest, economic collapse, or other catastrophic problems you will need the wellness packs as food becomes scarce, and water and waste treatment are questionable. These will store as long as they are kept dry. It is best if they are stored in a cool dry place, but the bottles are UV protective, so the products have a long storage life.

Do these products contain any products from Big Pharma or China?

No. None of our products are from Big Pharma or China. They are produced and shipped from Texas just outside of the Dallas area. They are non-addictive, safe and shelf-storable.

What is the difference between these and antibiotics?

Antibiotics are an alternative to our Wellness Products. The problem is this. They come from Big Pharma and are often made in Communist China. Additionally, antibiotics can be dangerous. If you take an incomplete round or take the wrong antibiotic for your condition could actually be strengthening the disease’s resistance to drugs and in some cases taking the wrong antibiotic can actually make the condition worse which of course exacerbates the situation.

Antibiotics can kill all the good stuff in your gut – does the Wellness Pack do that?

Our wellness pack is designed to work with your system to protect the good bacteria, while attacking: bacteria, disease, toxins, viruses. It also aids in the collection and elimination of heavy metals in your system.

The Wellness Pack you offer is finished in just 30 days. Does it really work that fast?

Yes, it really does work that fast. We could have diluted the formulas, doubled the price, and extended the protocol for 60 days or six months, but that wouldn’t be fair to our customers. We want you whole and living in true health. We have designed the Sanus1 Wellness Pack to work quickly and efficiently, using only the highest quality natural ingredients.